Tires, Trains & Trams


The speed of pods combined with last mile strategy will be able to relieve much of traffic congestion around the world. Tramwaypods addition to the civic mix will allow urban planners high levels of world civic contribution for city efficiency and enjoyment. 
 With eventual high capacity, systems can jump start on low budgets. Prices starting at 120 persons per hour per pod and escalating to 9600 people per hour per station with 4 person pods. This super light  virtually friction free low energy system can support existing transit with LRT for cost and maintenance.  Maglev pods controlled en masse stream like automated cars without stop lights. They take up far less air space than conventional trains adding to a new transit paradigm. Exisitng trains for city centers will become more efficient with smart density.
No-Pay-No-Go Boarding Technology is close that will make pods more efficient and even better public investment. The weight and efficiency of the pods is a historic reversal of transport weight of vehicles and costs. Tramwaypods are expected to have revenues that will lower civic transit authorities general maintenance obligations from old technologies.
We will advise along with an app for best routes to efficiently augment your existing system while allowing future growth. Unlike other systems, this modular station set up will quickly add capacities as public becomes comfortable with levitating pod speed.