The Venus Project is a decades old concept that has not happened for a variety of reasons.  The time seems to be near for high tech transit as the most cost effective, mass transit light weight system for various sizes of these Uburban developments. The virus safe pod privacy offer, competes with trains , buses and cars. This tech concept for it's cost efficiency and security will merge with organic aspects to develop it's own culture of families, and country lovers, poets, nomads and heroes. The planets future may need to be dramatic or even traumatic for developers and country politicians, to revue the tax advantages for such efficient developments. Creativity abounds with designers working within multi developer systems to market this exciting, affordable, secure, earthbound, residence for families, retirees with subsidized housing.


Since 2009 and global expansion and QE is setting the stage for investment infrastructure that is led by the smart cities movement.  Along with reduction of  the need for the auto, architects and developers can create an optimistic , tech safe & energy secure premise. New electric  VTOl vehicles ( Vertical take off and land) for 1st respondents will be cost efficient in public spaces. Tramwaypods at 150 mph with adjoining the each  old downtown with each project is more feasible when running a line down a freeway's meridian.  The pods light weight allows to travel on guideways supported by seabed anchored pontoons. Wave action is cushioned by quideway magnetic action divided by the speed of the pod. Pods can be programmed to go slower on choppier seas.