Steve Pelman

I Born and raised in Vancouver, a late investor but satisfactory investor.  As great as Vancouver seems, we could still do much better for housing due to this paradigm shift which I believe as a engineering buff is feasible on many facets. As city cores rebuild, outer perimeters will become more accessible and desirable with quick access to the core. This will stabilize cities dwindling middle class with a more robust workforce.


“The 20th C auto with its 600 million commuting cars has contributed 30% of greenhouse gases that fuel fear of runaway temperatures where maintenance is inconceivable. Regardless, this era is prompted by reliable quick commutes reducing living expenses and prompting investment in Metro Vancouver. The projected new GDP will helps relieve government long term social burdens. As well for stakeholders a new era of revenue generating transit, rather than current 20th C high maintenance transit. Maglev pods are an ideal P3 for city infrastructure review and long term efficiency.

The quandary created by of the previously valued $500 m of taxi licenses in Vancouver (Uber) has diminished value overnight. This can be reviewed with the investment from cab companies in skyTran pods. This will create an exemplary extended geographically service. Further this will make electric taxi investment viable with taxi pick up of "clients” at either or both stations enroute.

Peter LaBrie


  • Royal Roads University, Victoria, Master of Arts in Leadership, 2016

  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance and Industrial Psychology, 1975

  • Capilano University, Vancouver, Associate of Arts and Science Diploma, 1972

  ART OF LEADERSHIP President, Leadership training, group facilitation, strategic planning, organizational effectiveness.  Builds leadership at level of individual, group, and organization, combining best practices from natural and social sciences. ASHTON COLLEGELecturer, Canadian Securities Course, March, 2013 to Present.  Multi-media communication of securities examples, inter-active quizzes through Adobe Connect.TOUCHSTONE TRADING Managing Director, Vancouver, Canada,  November, 2011 to Present. Proprietary trading stocks and bonds. BNP PARIBAS BANK Country Manager, Manila Philippines, 2005 – September, 2011. Managing Director and Central Region Manager, Chicago & New York, 2002–2004. Head of Corporate Banking, Singapore and Southeast Asia, Singapore 1995 –2002 Commercial Manager, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1992–1995 Risk and Deputy GM Chinese Division, Hong Kong, 1988–92; Inspector – Paris, France, 1987 – 1988 Vice President Corporate Finance – Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, 1982 - 1986  

Darwin Toivo

 Darwin has studied Geography and Political Science grad with extensive experience in elections management. I have traveled the world and appreciate that democracy is the best we can do in terms of making life better for citizens.  Having seen dictatorships first hand, the art of public conversation is where democracy excels and wins every time.

World Cafes and their cousins are a great tool in that kit and through them we can make our desires and opinions known to those we elect.  Metro Vancouver is hemmed in by a border, mountains and ocean and so we must be mothers of invention to the density challenge at our doorstep.  Otherwise democracy may wither and fail in a form we cannot predict.

My goal is to help shape our hopes in these forums and make the process valid and vital for all who participate.  As a past board member and longtime member of the non-profit BC Humanist Association, I know the politics of communicating well and making a voice heard.  Ideas are the engine; World Café’s are the fuel.

The Venus Project is a decades old concept that has not happened for a variety of reasons.  The time seems to be near for high tech transit as the most cost effective, mass transit light weight system for various sizes of these Uburban developments. The  virus safe privacy offered competes with trains , buses and cars. This tech concept for its cost efficiency and security will merge with organic aspects to develop its own culture of exiles and  brave creatives. The planets future may need to be dramatic or even traumatic for developers and country politicians to revue the tax opportunities to make Vancouver city Hall more efficient. Near Future city's intentions and ideals are good and will take talent and instigation within multi developer systems to market this exciting, affordable, secure, earthbound, residence for families, retirees with subsidized housing.


Since 2009 and global expansion and QE is setting the stage for investment infrastructure that is led by the smart cities movement.  Along with reduction of  the need for the auto, architects and developers can create an optimistic , tech safe & energy secure premise. New electric  VTOl ( Vertical take off and land) 1st respondents will be cost efficient in public spaces . TRamwaypods  150 mph access to the city with this kind of density is more feasible when running a line down a freeway's meridian . The pod can be programmed to be slow in public areas. These projects will feature services near the center and living areas on the outskirts or towers. Some light scale manufacturing may be done on the ground floors with truck access on the outer ring. The pods light weight allows pontoons anchored to seabed. Pontoons support stanchions that support guideways over water. Wave action is cushioned by quideway action and levitation action over the speed of the pod.

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