It is proven that new smart cities are more efficient to build than rebuild existing structures. The use of passive maglev transit as a part of that infrastructure augments that efficiency for revenue positive transit and attractive locations. Tramwaypods are set up not as train or bus routes, but are cheap enough to create grid systems in old or new cities. This will create a pervasive opportunity for growth and cost effect "light-as-flight" automated low maintenance transit. 

Cities will likely be producing the stanchions and pod ports that will incorporate cost saving LED lighting. States or provinces would produce horizontal guideways that may incorporate city electrical lines, solar panels and charging stations.  As well fibre optics or if permissible 5G networks could be paid for by providers. This leaves most of the investment left for the pods for private or venture capital. Revenue accounting is automated for each ride, allowing daily notification of investment. 

During non rush hours extra pods will be garaged.