Transit Growth Strategy

Inclusive Transit Strategy - Tires, Trains & Trams

Stop lights and stopping at every station will be a public relief when you include Maglev Trams to your

mix. With capacity accommodating up to 9600 people per hour per station, this super light system can

work with heavy rail. Maglev pods controlled at each tram beam take up far more air space than

conventional trains adding to its transit paradigm of the Fifth Way along side of Hyperloop (Trains,

Buses, Planes, Cars) Although skyTran is ahead of the curve with Google VIP showing interest in Central


No Pay NO Go boarding and the highest flesh to metal ration of the previous 4 transit modes, along with

minor moving parts and solar paneled trams create a monumental revenue generation. This will help

pay for older tech’s rising maintenance bills, civic infrastructure and services.

We will advise along with proper data the best routes to efficiently augment your existing system while

allowing future growth.

Unlike other systems skyTrans modular stations and trams allow easy station set ups anywhere allow

the line, with minor downtime.