Revenue Generation

SkyTran and Elon Musk’s Hyperloop (that may use maglev technology as does skyTran) are both part of a historic change or 5th Era of Transit. SkyTran is over 1/25 the cost of light rail, with a reversal ratio of steel to people. The 4-person pod is actually lighter than the people in it.  From locomotives, trains and buses to cars, steel to flesh ratio was 100-to 1 to 10-to-one with an average car. The lightness allows for minimum energy for mass transit to create enormous benefits for the public and previous transit related investments, including oil. The pod uses only 150 watts per mile, 1/3 the energy an electric car needs. Combined with minimal moving parts, maintenance revenues are expected to be 2-3 times that of conventional mass transit. With automated swiping for pod entry and activation, pod revenues will be maximized. Added weight to a pod over 40 pounds without a swipe will prevent the pod from moving creating an alarm to go off. This is similar weight sensitive technology to self-pay counters.  It will take only one trip per day to pay for each pod over a 4-year period. Maintenance for maglev is expected to be minimalized due to 95% reduction in moving parts.

Googles Central Control, GPS and radar will manage systems as part of the IOT (Internet of Things) a new era of automation. With skyTran added to the transit mix, people will be able to access existing services in off hours, making the system more efficient.

Many parts of the world will utilize in their economy revenues in different manners. Some will socialize this utility by supporting schools and hospitals, other in the demand to make cities more efficient will expedite development by allowing private investment. With some cities, citizens have allowed a pod investment for their social security. SkyTran is an unprecedented opportunity to democratize transit, something that in Vancouver Canada a plebiscite revealed.

Equal to or greater than rail system capacity
More accessible stations
Lower cost on all counts
Faster project times – one day per mile
Flexible architecture – 8’ x 6’ min. entrance space
Minimal impact during construction
Greater revenue per passenger-km
Profitable without subsidies- SkyTran BOT ( Build Operate Transfer) options