Maglev Pod Grid Capacity

After skyTrans first route, licensing will allow local manufacturers to develop infrastructure of poles guide or tramways and pods. This will reduce already cheap costs to less than $4M per Km. This type of infrastructure is less than the cost of the street beneath it.

SkyTran is a missing link between the train, the bus, the privacy of the car and the speed of a small plane. It is adaptable to existing systems;

  • Supports existing systems maintenance costs;
  • Increases ridership of existing systems through reaching areas not scheduled or practical by bus.
  • Municipal costs can be minimalized and affordable with its efficiencies and infrastructure applications.

Capacity of SkyTran per hour

  • One single block station (173 meter ) podport of 40 pods each way or 9800 pph (all including 2 directions)
  • Two single block stations 19,600 pph
  • Three single block stations, 29,400 pph
  • Four single block stations 39,200 pph
  • Five single block stations 49,000 pph
  • Six single block stations 58,800 pph