MAGLEV Citizens Benefits

As in Paris, France, most citizens are no more than 300 m to an underground. Research has shown that people that drive less and walk more are healthier and less of a government liability in old age. SkyTran is similar with even a one mile grid. This will enable many to access the skyTran by a walk, run, ride, skateboard or wheel chair to a station. As maglev is astonishingly inexpensive a complete grid ultimatley is the goal for a city to prosper economically, as is true with Singapore.

Fast overhead TramPods are ideal for families who are paying mortgages and wish to use an electric car to maximize their mortgage paydown. The long term equity they can build is an important economic factor in a city’s GDP over a decade for such things as home improvements, small business development and general employment. Speeds up to 230 kph mean with no stopping at “other peoples stations” , mean dependable fast arrival times. This translates to more time for family or more productivity. As well staff could be on call reducing overhead and making companies more competitive.

This new convenience creates a paradigm for formerly undesirable land or development areas. More housing availability will create more demand for living in Vancouver especially wtih fast access to the city. The object of diversifying immigration has shown by UN research to consistently improve economies. A podport system is modular and easy to add capacity without costing valuable land,using city sidewalk areas only.

Capacity is exceeding expectations with PodPorts achieving 9500 pph per station. Ask about our mock boarding sequence video. A competitive station to heavy rail will be 170 m or 40 pods long and move 40 pods x (ave) 3 person per pod x 40 turnover per hour = 4800 pph. Both directions boarding amount to 9600 pph, . The current skyTRain figures in Vancouver show 47 stations and 390,000 per 18 hr period average about 460 pph. per station.

Taxes for maintenance of old systems can be relieved with SkyTrans friction free high revenue to maintenance figures. With maglev “App Call” pods there is no need for inefficient bus and train routes and schedules, reducing and controlling short and long term maintenance. Previous transit technologies compromise privacy, reliability and are time consuming in relation to this fast-as-flight service.